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Day 51: Puco -> Chillan Lock Out

We chatted with the camp owner the next morning. It was a cloudy day so there was really no purpose of climbing the volcano. Our original plan was to cycle to a hot spring and come back here for the night. But the owner said hot spring (termas) is better in Chillan, our next destination. So instead, we set out to buy our bus tickets.

Yesterday Brian noticed he forgot his bike lock, the only one we left, in the hosptaje in Temuco. So in town, he made a phone call to Senoir in Temuco and confirmed it. We planned on pick it up when we changed bus in Temuco on our way to Chillan.

Puco is really quite lovely even it was a cloudy day. We bought a new bike lock and cycled around town. Before our bus took off, we had nice papas fritas from a street vendor.

We couldn't see the volcano on our way out. At 3PM, we arrived in Temuco and somehow totally forgot about the lock. 3:05, we were already on the connecting bus to Chillan. Several stops Brian tried to call Senoir at Temuco but he never had enough time.

It was dark when we get to Chillan. The hosptaje we picked was not far from the bus station but we still made several wrong turns.

The hosptaje is a budget location. Next to our room was a group of construction workers having fun watching soccer on TV. Sonia the owner is quite friendly, as so does Patricia, a guy with a womanly aptitude. She (we were not sure which way he/she is preferred to be called) helped Brian made a phone call to Senior in Temuco who agreed to mail the lock to us. Via the same bus company who took us here, it should only take a day.