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Day 49: Ancud -> Temuco Allergic to Bus

We were up early again to enjoy yet another sunny day and our splendid breakfast. Consider Chiloe has only 50 sunny days a year, we were extremely lucky to have three in a row.

Two couples traveling together from Canada joined us for breakfast. One spoke very good Spanish and was here for business. The other couple were their friends on vacation.

Hector showed up later and insisted on me writing his travel log book. I happily took the honor.

10ish, we packed and said good-bye to Hector and his wife. Wonderful owner and they made good comments on us for being nice guests as well. "La Ropa", Hector reminded us three times not to forget our laundry.

Our clothes were still in the washer when we found the laundry place. So we had to wait for the next bus. I returned to a local market by myself after we bought our tickets. It's always interesting to check out local crafts and I bought a wooden figure with "novel" interest. Hector has one on his bar as well.

Back to the bus station, Brian was having a conversation with some taxi/collectivo drivers. They were having a lot of laughs. He made another trip back to town to pick up our clothes and came back with a wool hat with Chiloe on for me. That's sweet.

Our bikes and gear were loaded in the under carriage without problems at all. Once we were on the road, Brian started sneezing and getting itchy eyes. When the bus was ferried across the ocean, he got out and all symptoms went away. But back on the bus, everything returned. We were convinced he needed to be on ripio. Brian is allergic to bus.

This stretch of Pan-American Highway is fairly flat. We passed several white-capped volcanos in the distance. Otherwise, the road were busy, congested, and didn't have much view.

All other passengers wore winter coats/sweater, one baby was wrapped in full-body arctic survival suit. We were in T-shirt. I think we were probably like Minnesotans in Florida.

We arrived in Temuco at 8PM. It took us a while to figure out how to get to the hosptaje we chose. A nice police man directed us to a road under construction but shorter. We had to ride on the bumpy sidewalk. On the way, Brian helped me put the blinking light on and it was gone when we get to our destination.

Senoir in the hosptaje was friendly but quiet. Brian went out to search for the blinker but came back nothing except a scratched hand from flipping over the handlebar.

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