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Day 28: Candelario Mancilla Good As Guinda

Another rainy day. The 5th in the row. Even Senora said it was unusual.

Over our abundant breakfast, Brian discovered Mermelade de Guinda - Cherry Jam. Cherries were from the cherry trees in the orchard. Senora made the jam. I picked up another sweet treat too: Dulce de Leche, a milky, chocolaty spread.

I like everything around the house, everyone who lives there and their simple way of life. Senora takes care of all the chores in the house, cooking, cleaning. Her husband, we call him General, is responsible for cutting firewood every morning. Their son, Ricardo, handles most of other manly chores outside. By the huge wood burning stove in the kitchen is where everybody gathers around everyday. Once there are any vacancies on the chairs, the cats move in.

It is life before refrigerator. A lamb shank hangs from a tree outside the kitchen. Only when it is raining that General goes out to cover it with a piece of cloth. It must be the cold night and clean air of the Patagonia. Every meal Senora goes out to cut a slice and every meal we have is delicious.

It is remote but not isolated. A TP radio is their telephone. We overheard them chatting with their relatives and getting weather forest that way.

I let Brian ask Ricardo how they get their food and supplies. He said: it is a paradise here. I told him: I think the same way.

At night, we invited the three campers to our room for an evening of storytelling over Mate.