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Day 26: Chile/Argentina Border No Hurries

It must be that we complained too much about the dry pampas. Now we had to make friends with the rain.

Nothing around us except mountains. The five of us were literately in the middle of nowhere. 30 feet to our left was the sign of Chilean border; 10 feet to our right was the Argentinian's. We called our camp: ArgenChile.

3PM in the afternoon, there was a break in the weather and Graham was itching to move on. But eventually, the rain returned and nobody seemed motivated to pack. Instead, he and Brian went fishing to a lake we passed the day before. Ever since Brian found out the Lakes Region in Chile and particularly Lago O'Higgins was famous for trout fishing, he added fishing hooks and a 40-feet line to our survival kit. "We gonna need it." He was convinced.

One hour later, they came back, not totally empty-handed but instead of fish, they got some wild berries. Graham learned that all the berries in Southern Patagonia are edible so as long as they taste good, they are good. Among the best tasting ones, Calafate and Chaua(sound). The city of El Calafate was named after the abundant berries bearing the same name around.

We started making dinner at 8PM. Graham and Chris joined Gabi in her tent. Graham was going to cook some lentils. Gabi has a very powerful gas stove that triggered the following scene.

Yan: What's that? (Upon hearing loud hissing noise.)
Gabi: It is our helicopter.
Chris: We are taking off. You must leave the area immediately. You have 30 seconds. Immediately. (With a German ascent.)
Yan: Where is my oxygen mask? I need an oxygen mask.
Graham: What?
Brian: Oxygen.
Graham: What? (louder)
Chris: Can you pass me the water? (to Graham)
Graham: What? (to Chris, who sit right next to him.)
Chris: Water! (louder)
Brian & Yan: (laugh) We need some oxygen. Your helicopter is sucking too much air.
Chris: What are they screaming about? (to Graham)
Graham: We can't hear you. Honestly. (very loud)

We eventually put on our ear plugs and fell asleep. 10PM, Brian woke up and heard Graham saying, "I think the lentils are probably ready."