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Day 57: Santiago Funicular

We had breakfast across the street among busy working class nicely dressed before rushing in to work. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry going somewhere.

Miguel on the ferry recommended Plaza O'Higgins to us. So, we took a subway ride there. Santiago's subway is quite clean and seems safe as well.

Plaza O'Higgins were empty and nearby shops were all closed. We should've guessed. On a weekday this early in the morning.

We took the subway back and went to the pre-Columbian history museum. Several exhibits explained sculptures, potteries, textiles, and gold etc. of that era. Quite worth a see.

After lunch inside the hostel, we headed out to Cerro Cristal. The city zoo is there, as well as Funicular, a much bigger ascensor to hull people up the hill where the giant statue of Virgin Mary is situated.

Funicular has two carts going opposite direction at the same time, basically, one pulls the other one up. Two carts meet in the middle and switch rail. The higher we went, the better we could see how polluted the city was.

The sun's color was orange. The whole city was capped under thick haze. The distance mountain would've been beautiful, if we could see it other than just shadows.

Virgin Mary statue is quite impressive. Not many people there in the afternoon. We enjoyed some quiet moment before heading back down to the busy streets.

We searched in vain of a Peruvian restaurant and returned to another sushi place we saw earlier. The waitress was extremely attentive and we ordered a boat. It was quite lovely, except Brian's sake cup was about the size of a peanut, he barely had enough to wet his lip.

We returned to the same place to have another ice-cream. The girl recognized us and gave us even bigger scoops. I had a favorite. It got Dulce de Lache in.