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Day 32: Villa O'Higgins -> Campamento Entre 67KM Viva La Carretera

We had breakfast in the hospetaje and filmed Osdina making bread in her cute little baker's hat.

It was a little bit cloudier than the day before but still nice. On our way out, we offered Osdina another bowl of calafate, leaving only enough for ourselves to make an oatmeal with calafate for the next morning.

"The kitchen needs a little more sun." said Brian, awkwardly trying to be funny with his little Spanish. They got it and laughed at him.

It felt great to be back on the bike again. The first part out of Villa O'Higgins was pretty flat. We made a big U-turn just to cross a bridge.

All the effort to get here, pushing over the muddy hills in pouring rain, getting up at 4AM for the boat became all worthy of the scenery and solitary here, the very tip of Carretera Austral. No more playing cat-n-mouse with some boat, no more fighting with the pampas. We are here for some fantastic cycling. There was no car but only blue-crested glaciers hanging high up above and waterfalls ready to greet you at almost every turn of the mountain.

We cycled along a lake for a while then started going uphill. A couple of fly-fishermen were angling at the hillside. They waved at us when we passed them by. (Time to get out of your fishing hook, Brian)

Sometime in the afternoon, it started drizzling. To play it save, we put rain covers on our packs. One hill after another, Brian kept going pretty strong but I was getting more and more tired.

6PM, we started looking for a place to camp. The weather had worsened. We rode another hill in the rain, ran down some crazy switchbacks, passed a river, and found a perfect camping spot on a river bed.