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      Day 19: El Calafate <-> Moreno Glacier What Time is it?

Up at 7:45 for our bus trip to Moreno Glacier. 8:00, there was a knock on the door. Wow, such good room service, they let you know before they stop serving breakfast? Feeling weird, we rushed to get ready only to have another knock five minutes later, this time it was the tour guide from the bus.

"We have to go now." She said.
"Isn't the bus leaving at 9?"
"Yes, it is 9 NOW."
"9? Now?!"

Argentina is one hour ahead of Chile -- that totally slipped our mind.

In a fire drill, we jammed some lunch to our backpack and got on the bus still wearing Tevas.

Moreno Glacier is enormous. Unfortunately, we just missed the biggest icefall for several decades by only a couple of weeks. But, we could still see and hear ice blocks constantly cracking and falling. With a 5.5km wide front, any ice block, even the size of a refrigerator, looked like a small chip.

Still not feeling good, but much better than yesterday.

Back to El Calafate, we cruised around the nicely lit streets full of souvenir shops and could not resist the temptation to try a Parrilla, grill house. Our pick was "Mi Viejo" with a whole lamb roasting on the fire for window display. Menu was interesting too, they had "smashed potato". It sounded like something I would like to try. Our dinner was delicious, grilled lamb and flank steak with red wine. Consider we almost don't eat any meat at home, this is exceptional. I believed it cured my cold too.