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Our Blessed Land - in Production
Story of Tibetan Herders As Their Grassland Becoming Desert.

Our Blessed Land is a feature-length documentary about a small village of Tibetan herders and their struggle for survival against time and forces beyond their control. Set in the stark landscape of eastern Tibetan plateau, we watch members of a disappearing culture adapt and fight against the decimation of the grasslands that sustained them for generations. What can they do to survive? How do they engage their resilience and indigenous ingenuity to win this battle?

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This project is fiscally sponsored by Women Make Movies , please follow this link to make a tax-deductible donation to help bringing this film to life. Thank you!

Treasure of the Lisu (Oct, 2010)
A Story of a vanishing musical tradition, and those practicing it

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More on the film || Production Blog 2009
DVD is availabe from: Documentary Educational Resources
Streaming Download is available from: Kanopy Streaming

INTIMATELENS - Festival of Visual Dec 6-9, 2012, Italy
PICURT - Mountain Festival of the Pyrenees June 26-30, 2012, Spain
San Francisco International Asian American FF Mar 8-18, 2012
CU Boulder, Center for Asian Study Mar 2, 2012. Colorado
Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival Nov 16, 2011, Montreal
Anthens Ethnographic Film Festival Nov 4, 2011, Athens, Greece
Salt Lake City Film Festival Aug 18-21, 2011, Salt Lake City
Film Festival della Lessinia Aug 20-28,2011,Bosco Chiesanuova, Italy
Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival Jun 23-26,2011, London
Park City Film Music Festival May 20-30, 2011, Utah
Athens International Film + Video Festival Apr 22-28,2011, Ohio
Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival Apr 10-17, 2011,Ithaca, NY
International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec Jan 26-29, 2011
Banff Mountain Film Festival and World Tour Nov 6-7, 2010, Canada

Sound of a Village -- working title (in production)
Story of an ethnic music band
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The Last Town (2009)
A cinematic tour of the 2000-year-old town right before it was flooded by the Three Gorges Dam project in China.

Sustaining Traditions Award, Media That Matters Film Festival

DVD is now available for purchase from: Arts Engine
Also Available through the Hartley Film Foundation

Cultiva! Youth Project(2008)
Commissioned by Growing Gardens of Boulder, Colorado

Wilderness Film Expedition(2008)
Can we still make, process, and show a film-film in the wilderness?

In Association with Handmade Film Institute and Ontos Media

Denver Mongolian (2008)
In association with ATLAS center at CU Boulder

Tibet Snapshots(2007)
Lives of the Tibetans, in their own words.

Official Selection: Global Peace Film Festival
Featured on: Nomadsland

Voice from the Nu(2007)
Drastic environmental and cultural changes are happening to one of the last free-flowing rivers in China.

Sponsored by: Boulder Digital Arts
Featured on: Oneworld TV

Damming the Leaping Tiger(2007)
Upstream on the Yangtze River, one small town and its people are facing changes and struggle.

Sega - African School Dream(2006)
In Ghana, West Africa, one man is making a difference to the lives of children in his little village.

Nominated for Best Documentary Shorts and Best PSA: Action On Film Interntional Film Festival
Offcial Selection: Independents Film Festival
Aired: The Educational Channel
Aired: Current TV

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